Gaining Insight Through Research

In order to commit to true transformational change that will further advance people of color, the Vanessa Y. Parker (VYP) Research Institute actively seeks to understand and provide solutions to address our nation’s inequities. Whether the challenge is the opportunity gap or understanding the 21st century barriers that impact first generation students and professionals, we listen and learn so we can identify answers to create a more equitable world.

Vanessa Y. Parker Research Institute is committed to the following:

  • Sponsoring research conducted by students of color students
  • Sponsoring and hosting research symposiums
  • Sponsoring conference scholarships
  • Conducting and/ or sponsoring research on people of color, HBCUs, HSIs, and PBIs
  • Providing researchers to conduct in house or third party studies
  • Notifying are databases about paid research participant opportunities
  • Bring awareness to researchers of color and their research studies

Recent Research

We partnered with Dolby to conduct a study focused on exploring the challenges HBCU students face when preparing for the workforce. Over 500 HBCU juniors, seniors and graduate students participated in the study.

HBCU Social Justice Research Fellowship:

We have partnered with Until Freedom to create the HBCU Social Justice Research Fellowship. Five fellows will participate in professional development workshops and produce a mini-capstone research project that will contribute to Until Freedom’s resource guide.

The Story Behind the Institute

Vanessa Y. Parker Research Institute is named after The Application & HBCU 20x20’s Founder and CEO Nicole Tinson’s mother. Vanessa Y. Parker was a fierce advocate for education. Instead of providing answers, when asked questions, she encouraged youth to perform research using encyclopedias and dictionaries. Mrs. Parker's home and resources were open to all willing to learn. In addition to serving the Los Angeles Unified School District for 22 years, she sponsored college applications for those in need and provided free rides to job interviews. Though she is no longer with us, her legacy remains a beacon of hope.

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The VYP Research Institute remains committed to partnering with those who want to create a better tomorrow through research. Let’s partner!