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Professors' Circle

The Professors’ Circle is a free resource that aims to provide professors with classroom guest speakers who are experts in their industry, professional development opportunities, access to grants, resources, and corporate learning development opportunities.

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Who’s in the Professors' Circle


Graduate Student Instructors

Graduate students having primary responsibility for the teaching of a course.


Lecturers/ Professors

Post-secondary teachers who teach in a college or university.


University Executive Leadership

Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Deans of a university and colleges.

We believe in supporting the entire community and that includes HBCU Professors

We partnered with the The Alliance for Identity-Inclusive Computing Education (AiiCE) to improve the cultural competency of HBCU Professors through the Cultural Competence in Computing (3C) Fellowship.

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    Guest Lectures

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    Classroom Dropins

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Vanessa Y. Parker Research Institute

Gaining Insight Through Research

Vanessa Y. Parker Research Institute actively seeks to understand and provide solutions to address our nation’s inequities. Whether the challenge is understanding the 21st century barriers that impact first generation students and professionals or climate change, we listen and learn so we can identify answers to create a more equitable world.

If you like the Professors' Circle, Learn about the Vanessa Y. Parker Research Institute.

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