We Need Your Support

When you donate, glass ceilings are broken, and our community members are:

  • Provided with access to free college applications.
  • Empowered with tips, resources and support, including personal statement reviews, to successfully submit their college applications.
  • Educated on how to effectively plan their careers and become successful in their industry of interest.
  • Encouraged to participate in HBCU 20x20 programs, including our fellowships and mock interview program to build their professional skills.
  • Confident in their abilities to make their dreams a reality.

More Ways To Give

Gifts of Stock, Annuities & More

Contact us today to learn more about making a gift through stock annuity or through a donor-advised fund.

Establish A Monthly Gift

Automated monthly donations are a convenient way to continue to support our work throughout the year.

Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsor a fellowship or program to support the professional development of our community.

Matching Gifts

Matching Gifts: Matching gift benefits can double, sometimes triple, the impact of your gift. If your employer offers matching gifts, request a matching gift form, which is often available through your company’s human resources department.

We are always in need of volunteers because it takes a Village

Our volunteers are more than volunteers. They are family. Join our community as a volunteer to support our impact.”

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