HBCU 20x20 has been very instrumental in helping me learn how to leverage the resources and opportunities that are available to me.

Most importantly, it has helped me develop good networking skills and build them into my daily life flow.

As an HBCU student at Alabama State University, I am privileged to be part of this great initiative that seeks to empower HBCU students.

Arnold Bhebhe

Alabama State University

Biomedical Engineering Major
HBCU 20x20 was a fun, collaborative, and insightful program that has allowed me the opportunity to network with other students and professional technologists,

learn meaningful skills that will help me in the hiring process, and overall receive genuine support and community for my success through this field. In these short 8 weeks, I have practiced technical interviewing, building portfolios, and practicing my elevator pitch and now, thanks to HBCU 20x20, I feel more prepared for the technical recruiting season. Eternally grateful to have been apart of this program

Rayna Belem

Computer Science Major

Spelman College
HBCU 20x20 gave me the chance to develop the skills I needed to stay competitive in the work market. Over the past eight weeks,

Divine Linus

Mathematics Major

Morehouse College
I want everyone to know that I enjoyed my experience at HBCU 20x20. I got to meet new people, learn about things I did not know, like how to be successful in tech, and make a portfolio. I was also able to make new connections with people that could help me in my journey in the tech world. If you can be part of this program, please join because you will gain a lot from it.

Izu Nwokolo

Computer Science Major

Howard University
HBCU 20x20 treats every student like family, the support, knowledge and opportunity they provide is genuine and one of a kind.

Huddoy Walters

University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

Computer Science and Technology, Major
I loved how HBCU 20x20 helped me connect with other HBCU students during the pandemic. I also enjoyed learning many different resources that will help me later in my career.

Chad Toomer

Computer Science Major

Howard University
HBCU 20x20 was a wonderful experience, and I loved learning about the different careers in tech and how to market yourself in a growing industry.

Joy Adigwe

Sports Medicine Major

Howard University
After being constantly discouraged with my failures in navigating the interview process on my own, I started to throw in the towel and give up altogether. But I was given this fellowship opportunity with HBCU 20x20, which rebuilt my confidence, and I became more knowledgeable about turning my nos into yes’.

Shontell Murphy

Computer Science Major

Prairie View A&M University
I learned a lot from the sessions and guest speakers. I feel better prepared for interviewing and creating my portfolio.

HBCU 20x20 created a safe space for me to ask questions free of judgment. Their support of HBCU students is genuine, and I know I can reach out to them for help and guidance. I made many connections, and I feel more confident in my skills than I did before.

Shantel Wilson

Computer Science Major

Prairie View A&M University
Being poured into and reminded of our greatness has allowed us to soar to new heights as technologists. I am looking forward to the future of HBCU 20x20.

Nyasha Francis

Computer Science Major

Clark Atlanta University
I enjoyed every part of the program. From the webinars, the HackerRank test to the networking events. I have gained a lot of insight and improved my communication, networking, leadership, and critical thinking skills.

Precious Aghaeze

Computer Science Major

Philander Smith College
HBCU 20x20 introduced me to different companies and allowed me to connect with their employees. I gained new professional skills on how to upgrade my resume and how to present myself during interviews. I looked forward to joining every session and interacting with my peers from other schools.

Camryn Belcher

Computer Science Major

Howard University