The animal industry is all the activities in producing animals and their products or benefits to meet the needs of people. These industry activities strive to catalyze animal production for maximum human benefit (Investopedia)

  • $54,955 Average salary
  • 25% Of Men Make Up This Industry
  • 75% Of Women Make Up This Industry

History & Future



Autonomous pickers identify and pick ripe fruits and vegetables. Other specialized robots could also find and eliminate weeds and pests that damage crops. High-technology sensors in fields send alerts to farmers through an app on their phones. Drones could perform crop monitoring, planting, and even spraying. Farm data such as annual crop yield, market forecasts, soil nutrients, and weather can be collected and stored electronically to give farmers valuable information. GPS-based applications are used for farm planning, field mapping, and more.

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Earliest domestication of animals and cultivation of plants. In the 1st century, Romans spread innovations such as the iron share plow, different breeds of livestock, and the fallow system throughout the empire. 5th-15th centuries, Dark Ages and Medieval Period. In the 18th century, the Industrial revolution promotes agricultural research, production, and storage of forages, the establishment of herd books, and veterinary colleges. 21st century, More emphasis on recycling (less on specialization). Food surpluses in some regions should lead to reduces government subsidies for surplus-generating production. More society is concerned about animal welfare, environmental quality, and sustainability.

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