Airlines, Airports, & Air Services

The airline industry encompasses a wide range of businesses, called airlines, which offer air transport services for paying customers or business partners. These air transport services are provided for human travelers and cargo and are most offered via jets, although some airlines also use helicopters (Investopedia)

  • $54,055 Average salary
  • 16.1% Of Men Make Up This Industry
  • 83.9% Of Women Make Up This Industry

History & Future



Engines and aircraft will become lighter, quieter, and more efficient. Emerging technologies are reshaping with robotics, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, unmanned aircraft systems, and the push for hybrid and electric airplanes. Staggering debt levels will lead to ticket price increases and a larger role for the government in the sector. Pilotless planes can become a reality. The shift towards the democratization of data is empowering the sector to make strategic decisions backed by facts.

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The first flight was completed in 1903 by the Wright Brothers - Orville and Wilbur Wright. Boeing Company founded in 1916 is an american aerospace company known as the largest and foremost manufacturer of commercial jet. The first airline was DELAG founded in 1909 by German airship company. The other non-airship airlines that still exist are KLM (1919), Avianca (1919), Qantas (1920) and Czech Airlines (1923). The oldest airport is the College Park Aiport in the US, it is was established in 1909 when Wilbur Wright first landed to train two military officers.

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