The Design Industry provides innovative design services and products. It is here to create, explore, and distribute great ideas. Industrial Design (ID) is the professional practice of designing products, devices, objects, and services used by millions of people worldwide every day (

  • $90,133 Average salary
  • 56.9% Of Men Make Up This Industry
  • 43.1% Of Women Make Up This Industry

History & Future



In the future designers will work much more across boundaries, working with other designers to take a holistic approach and with other professions like engineers, philosophers, and ecologists, people who work in care, tech, and AI. In the future, we will need to improve at designing things that don’t create negative impacts on the environment but instead create positive impacts that regenerate our world. The future of design is Systems because many of the simple problems have been solved and we move into high levels of complexity and interconnectedness.

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Industrial design is a largely 20th-century phenomenon. The first industrial designer is often considered German architect Peter Behrens, who was heavily influenced by the 19th-century English designer and poet William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement, with which Morris was closely associated. During the latter half of19th century, the consumer goods industry proliferated. It necessitated the creation of designer goods owing to the rise of competitive markets. Consumers were ready to spend more on luxury goods and lush interior decorative items for homes. In those days, industrial design was not a well-defined professional activity. Craftsmen and artists were engaged in such designing activities initiated by industrialists which promoted the development of prototypes for their products

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