Construction is an industry that includes the erection, maintenance, and repair of buildings and other immobile structures and the building of roads and service facilities that have become integral parts of structures and are essential to their use. In its most widely used context, construction covers the processes involved in delivering buildings, infrastructure, industrial facilities, and associated activities through to the end of their life.

  • $72,503 Average salary
  • 77% Of Men Make Up This Industry
  • 23% Of Women Make Up This Industry

History & Future



Technological trends are shaping the future of construction. Every construction company today is convinced that technology will impact the construction industry like never before. Heavy use of information technology. Production 24/7 with three global shifts working around the clock. Lean permanent core staff with significant outsourcing. Increasing specialization for small firms

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Historians say that what we know as traditional construction started in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptian pyramids are one of the first instances of large-scale permanent structures. Most pyramid buildings took place between 2,550 – 2,400 BCE. The history of construction is as old as the history of humanity. From mud huts and megalithic stones to mega highways and skyscrapers, the evolution of construction reflects mankind’s ever-growing mastery of raw materials and technology. Whether creating a megaproject or single-family home, the construction industry has become increasingly focused on sustainability. Society has grown more aware of climate change, the depletion of natural resources, and the human impact on natural habitats.

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